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Adult (18 yrs+) Skis, Boots & Poles
Adult (18yrs+) Snowboard & Boots
Child (0-17yrs) Skis, Boots, Poles & Helmet
Child (0-17yrs) Snowboard, Boots & Helmet
Adult (18yrs+) Clothing Rental
Child (0-17yrs) Clothing Rental
Adult & Child Helmet Rental
Adult & Child Wristguard Rental
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Adult (18 yrs+) Skis, Boots & Poles
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For ALL PRODUCTS (bar "Any Day") products, select the date for the first FULL day you will be accessing the lifts and or lessons–once you select your start date, please click "search" to update your product start date.

Your "ski free afternoon" will be applicable for the afternoon prior to your ticket start date only
1 – 4 days: ski free from 3 pm the day prior
5 – 7 days: ski free from 1 pm the day prior
"Ski Free afternoons" are NOT available 5 Day Any Day or 6 Day Any Day products

1 – 3 day lift & lesson (including Kids Program) products are for consecutive day and are only valid for the date(s) you select. 4
4 – 7 days you can utilise up to two rest days (i.e. 4 of 6 Days, 5 of 7 Days, 6 of 8 Days& 7 of 9 Days).

If you are RENTING,please select your start date and RENTAL LOCATION and click SEARCH.Please select your RENTAL LOCATION carefully as both Hotham, Falls Creek& Rays Ski Shop in Myrtleford locations are available for selection.
Non Transferable - The product(s)purchased is for use by the individual selected in the assigning stage of check out only for the duration of the product.
Non Refundable - You agree that the sale is final and you will not be credited for any unused days.
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